Wednesday, June 13, 2012

back to the stitch

I'm all caught up with most of the domestic necessities so I spent the early part of the morning stitching in the  studio..making those changes real with needle and thread. Sitting in the bright light sewing is like a good drug. The change of light as the time passes is my signal to stop, sparing my hands and eyes.

I got an email yesterday from a childhood friend offering condolences and memories. I volleyed back with a long letter and hope we can keep up the exchange. We were close friends and neighbors from the time I was 7 and it's interesting the memories that one has kept and the other has forgotten.

I don't want to rush this piece so I'll be picking up the trail with the one on the wall soon and another that's just inside my head. Hopefully working from one to the other will keep them all fresh and relevant. Things are getting bigger despite stitching by hand. I'm still loathe to chain myself to the sewing machine.


  1. those memories from childhood are so interesting to compare... my brother and i talk from time to time and that always strikes me, what he remembers that I don't and vice versa. -sus

  2. It's good to reconnect with friends from our past. I reconnected last winter with a friend from Jr/Sr high school, only to lose her shortly afterward... so glad we had time to reminisce before she passed. And another from the 60's and I have reconnected as well. Sharing memories is very special...


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