Saturday, June 30, 2012

past time to stop

I don't even want to know how hot it is. You just know it's time to stop when you start making messy mistakes. Oh, I know the red-headed devils always turn out to be my favorites but who needs a whole stable full of them?

Lots of mad scientist notions in play this morning - using up a bag of played out epsom salts  to carry dye powder. Mixing up pearl-ex gold and silver into binding solutions for some Pollock style homage. Several levels of bloody mud colorwise and a batch of silk prepped with wine vinegar because I had no white.

Some new approaches to finishing the fabrics too including decanting them from the mason jars and just letting them bake dry in the sun before any rinsing or washing.  Lazy labor saving devices for the most parts but dye batchers will call it wisdom. Time will tell and I am in no rush.

I found what might have been someone's hippy wedding dress in a bag back in the closet. A dimly recalled Goodwill purchase. Hastily deconstructed with scissors, now well represented in the jars. Lawn at it's best.

and now tea, plums and pooltime.


  1. I wait with baited breath! Its always worth experimenting, some you win and some you lose - to use again!

  2. I send you a lot of icy thoughts, hope it helps to keep your head cool enough for your wonderful dyeing sessions ! And hurray for the hippy dress !

  3. Ooh, to be a dragonfly on your wall! Actually, my studio looks like I was on your wall as I've been experimenting lots recently, only with thickened dyes, stamps, stencils and other found objects. Must be somethin' in the air! Hope you enjoyed the pool... somethin' we don't have here! Stay cool...

  4. Epsom salts? What does it do? That is a new one to me. I know too well what you mean about heat curdling your brain. Relax, refresh, and hope that cooler temps are headed you way.


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