Tuesday, June 26, 2012

summers day off

I spent a few hours at the Honda dealership this morning. Seems like something in the airbag will kill you rather than save your life. Supposedly they fixed it while I stitched in the waiting room. A little girl about seven came to observe and, after a minute, asked me what I was doing as if she had never seen someone embroidering before. Sensing that she was asking just to be polite, I gave her the one word answer. She sniffed and sat down to poke at her device but kept an eye on the proceedings with no further questions. Maybe she looked it up.

 After a while, I ran out of white thread, packed up and wandered around the lot marveling at how most of the current models are so much bigger than my 01 Civic...and I still get better mileage than all but the hybrids.
From the opulent Crosstour, a fancy box of air, to the snappy little CRXsi which would surely land me in the pokey, they were all beautiful. I told the salesman that rather than choose between them, I would take them both when the first lottery check cleared. A man of faith, he gave me his card with a smile. 

And when I got home I spent the rest of the best part of the day drifting and dreaming here.

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  1. Hah! My '82 Honda Civic lasted 18 years before I finally had to let it go... now I'm in year 17 with my Merc' Tracer, and no sign of her slowing down! On the other hand, we bought an '06 Ford F150 truck last summer, and I totally love it, even though it eats way more! But it has A/C and lots of hauling space...
    Poor little girl... if she had to ask, she hasn't been brought up right! Bless my grandmas and moms for showing me how to play with thread and fabric... nothing like it! :-)


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