Thursday, August 09, 2012

a mad hand

"Memory's Feast"  2009

I've been working on the large  black and white piece and find myself getting grumpy and unsatisfied with my hand stitching. Twice I've sewn long passages only to spend an hour picking the stitches out. Mulling it over, I looked back over some other pieces with hand stitching and found some reminders about Keeping Things Loose, Not Getting too Trixie and few other examples of the exuberant hand...hard to maintain when you are looking at Acres of work. Every day I have to take it out of the hoops and get it up onto the design wall to make sure that the stitching isn't getting too precious.  other lessons...don't forget the last minute shreds and white fleece makes great batting if you need it.


  1. Love it! But sometimes I honestly wonder what it is like inside of your head!

    Carry on - your work is magnificent and strangely moving.

  2. Deb~ Terrific! I think this is my favorite piece of yours! The colors, the movement and the circles!

  3. Wow- I love this piece. Looking forward to seeing what it inspires in you!

  4. It's always refreshing to see hand stitching.


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