Saturday, August 25, 2012

busying myself

Not long after I finished my shift last night my sister called to let me know that she was waiting in the ER with Pop who was in great pain from a long ignored hernia. So it was middle of the night surgery and all nighter's for my sibs in NY.  

All things considered the surgery went well and he is in the best of hands if not the best of spirits and mood.

All I can do is  worry and harass the hospital staff long distance and lay awake plotting all that I was going to get done the  next day..all the fall back stuff you do when you'd rather be with family and you can't be there.

An impromptu dinner thrown together right after breakfast and I spent the entire morning machine stitching the WIP.

 Midday found me making up some more B&W piece-parts but tomorrow will be all about COLOR.  The beautiful weather will hold for another precious day. I just finished another set of cloth burritos and now it's time to settle in to the sewing chair and cheer the Braves on...they need my help.


  1. sheesh, one thing after another

    1. life's path. Pop's doing well, the Braves won and I got lots done. Something to be said for distraction.

    2. Thanks... I called the ICU this morning to see how he's the standard reply of "doing well" and within a few minutes, he called me back! Old smuggler has his cell in ICU..don't tell. He's hoping the hospital TV line up will give him access to the Little League world series this afternoon. Me too.

  2. Glad to hear your Pop is doing well. Something to be said too for distraction that actually lets us focus with muscle memory work.

  3. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Hi Deb-
    just wandered over here after posting a msg to you - so sorry to hear about your Dad's problems - but very glad to hear that he is doing well - requests being sent to dear St. Anne in behalf of your dad. Big comfort hugz being sent to you. Love what you've posted here - that piece of purple and gold dyed cloth is to DYE FOR! BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!


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