Wednesday, August 01, 2012

now dashing

We got called on short notice to come over and get the show hung today rather than tomorrow. I'm actually pleased to get it over with and to give the pieces a chance to relax their various storage cramps and crimps.

While I screwed around fitting dowels inside metal rods and playing with the art, Jim and Colin got the whole job done in just about sixty minutes. Tomorrow, I'll go over and put up the signage and arrange a few smaller pieces and try to get some decent photos. Note to self..bring good camera, backup and tripod!

The carpet guys will be there tomorrow putting in a beautiful ocean colored carpeting and in the evening there will be a book signing by author Hedy Habra who is promoting her collection of short fiction called "Flying Carpets".

What wonderful kind of serendipity is at work here?
Jim and Colin got this done in no time at all...
while this character occupied a meditation room.


  1. that gallery was obviously made for you------a perfect moment, a perfect fit

  2. Fingers crossed for tomorrow :)
    Take some good pictures, they'll make a good catalog, you'll need it!
    I love your wrapped picture, can't wait to see all on the walls.

  3. Wish you lots of fun and succes !


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