Wednesday, August 01, 2012


While I was looking for a tiny scrap of something else, the major players in this grouping rolled off a heap and spread out at my feat, dazzling me the same way they did when I first rolled them up together for "someday"...well, someday is here kids. Those weird, store-bought sheers frosted the cake.

I've been looking at a lot of contemporary painting- artists known and obscure - and I  have been zapped with the need to get new things out of my head and onto the design wall hopefully with the same spontaneity and energy of the work that's inspiring me.

I've come to a place of acceptance about the fact that not much about my choice of medium can be hurried and still turn out satisfying. I was reading the back of a tube of acrylic paint in the store yesterday and there was something about drying times - 30 minutes to 3 hours - and I started laughing out loud..the kind of laughing that you have to struggle to get a grip on. Creative hysteria?

<<word has come that we may have to hang the show THIS morning and not tomorrow, I'll know more in about an hour>>

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  1. Ahh, that stitches would "dry" in such a short time--or even *half* the time we/they take :)


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