Monday, October 15, 2012

fruits of the birthday dyeday

well wouldn't you just know it?

this was the only piece that held my interest while  I was working on it (I really was absorbed by Elizabeth's machinations with calculator and scale, full on mad scientist stuff!) and now I can't find it in the batch that's come out of the washer and dryer.  For all I know it washed away entirely if the rest of the pieces are any measure of the lack of success. Although that dark was EB's Havana chips in the dye is not conducive to strong colors, my guess. I think this one needs to be painted on a canvas. *

 My dyes were really played out and just didn't hang on leaving me with a batch of lovely pastel princesses with superwhite where the soy wax was dug in like a tick.

here are a few of them playing around on the design wall..this is going nowhere in a handbasket...

new eyes in the morning.The fun was in the doing.

*flash update! EB found it in a bag and will be sending it off to me when it's dry!!


  1. well, double double damn.......

  2. doina7:05 PM

    Stunning beautiful dyepaint :)
    I love it, can't wait to see what will come up in the stitching :)

  3. me too...EB is dosing it with soda ash solution, and once it dries, mailing it to me. I'll post pictures IF it hangs on the color..


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