Friday, November 02, 2012

a push

My new business cards came today..I did away with the extravagant glossy color image on the other side, saving myself a bundle,  opting for a nice clean space where whatever could be written.

Now I have to challenge myself to the rest of the nitty gritty and finish the website makeover.

I taught myself as much html as I needed years ago and used to have real fun with it but the gloss has worn off that toy entirely. I'd really like to just hand it off to a pro..but I'm too cheap.


Anonymous said...

simple, clean, and snazzy - nice!

Nancy said...

Deb~ I really like the card/logo you've created. The color-so electrified! The shapes so eye-catching :)
Good luck with the rest of it!

tiedyejudy said...

I've been doing my own websites since 2002, and definitely prefer to what I was using before. But I know it's kind of a pain when major changes are needed. Never have found a cheap person to do one for me! BTW, I love your cards, and your logo!

Deb said...

Since we know what it takes, it shouldn't be cheap. The hard part, the ART part of web design is interpreting the clients vision when they can barely articulate it. If I was sure what I wanted, I'd already have it done. LOL.

Deb said...

thanks to everyone who likes the logo..once I had that done, I threw in the creative web towel..

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