Monday, November 19, 2012

wonky snow jewel

To keep the frenzy of production work in perspective, I got the blue horse (or is it a blue cat?) out of the UFO pile and hooped it up. No more vacillating about machine or hand stitching this one will take more time - time that I am going to make and effort to give it.

Meanwhile, back at the factory, things are going smoothly because I am still working with the colors/fabric that appeal to me the most (there are two more courses of three not showing ) . The backing for this quilt is a beautiful damask tablecloth - not vintage, because it has to hold up to use - but with an exquisite pattern.

Tomorrow I will give the Janome a new needle, a quick cleaning and work some equally wonky white feathers in around the color blocks. Don't I sound confident?  I am NOT.

1 comment:

  1. This quilt is so dramatic! Love the crisp white to surround those great colors. Good luck with those'll be fine!


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