Sunday, January 27, 2013


I like to baste. A piece that's had all its pins replaced by big running or laddered stitches is in a kind of transitional state, fixed but fluxable. Relieved of its steel burden, KV felt weightless.

I use a monster long needle and a single strand of king tut cotton thread. It has just enough "grab" to hold things together with minimal slippage. A few, small back stitches will pass for a knot.

Just like moving a mountain with a teaspoon, one spoonful, one stitch at a look up, and it's done.

This is not me being all arty with Instagram's me being all forgetful about what and how my big Canon is capable of. Point and shoot it's not. Time to dig out the manual, tinker a bit and take some notes.

Shopping around, it looks like this one is what I want to replace the camera that my brother and I  dissected last week.


montana joe said...

i, too, just love basting! i have a 6" dollmaker's needle that i like to use. tried a 9" one but it was a bit too thick. will have to try me some king tut cotton though...

Vicky aka Stichr said...

jumpin' on the bastemobile too. i used to used a dollmaker's needle, too, then i started using cotton darners for reg. stitching and just sort of stick with them these days. the cotton darners are longer anyway and just a bit stouter for my loss-of-feeling-finger-tips.