Tuesday, February 26, 2013

orienteering drama (decision!)

Thanks to everyone who commented here and in private emails! Horizontal wins the day but when it's sold, I will offer the patron the option of another sleeve. 

Now to cut, fit, pin and stitch, stitch, stitch. Because my pieces are large and sometimes heavy (not this one) I'm kind of obsessive about attaching the sleeves. I use a coated, cotton quilting thread and bury five or six old fashioned hem stitches per inch. It's like moving a mountain with a teaspoon; you look up, and it's gone.
 I haven't looked at Cephalopod 1 since it was finished back before the holidays and now I'm not so sure about the vertical orientation. It's pretty imposing either way but now I'm inclined to want it displayed horizontally.

Before I commit to 136 inches of tiny hand stitches for the horizontal sleeve (it's 60 inches on it's longest side) , WHAT SAY YE?   And...has anyone ever put TWO sleeves on a piece making the orientation optional? All input would be most welcome.


Michele Lasker said...

Deb - I wonder if you turn the piece upside down so that the pointed part is up if that would be a possibility?

Michele in Tulsa

Kit Lang said...

I actually had a piece that, after it was sold and before I sent it off to the buyer, I put another sleeve on it so she could hang it vertically if she wanted.

When I designed, made and showed it on my blog, it was with a horizontal orientation in mind, but BSP brought it out to show some friends at dinner one night and held it up vertically and I thought "Huh. It works that way too!".

I like the horizontal orientation, but if you're of a mind - you could do both. ;)

Kit Lang said...

lol I am exercising a woman's perogative and have changed my mind. When I scrolled back up I decided I like the vertical orientation better. :D

Katherine McNeese said...

I think I'd like the vertical if you turned it 180*; it looks top heavy.

Sandy said...

No real answer, but some thoughts.

from what I understand vertical is dynamic and horizontal is more relaxed. so what do you mean to express?

For instance, to me, the vertical looks more optimistic. I haven't read the original post about the meaning or inspiration, so it I see something which references a cup/goblet full of all sorts of interesting things.

however, with a name like Cephalopod, it makes me think it is some sort of creature, and if so, the horizontal view works for me as a crawly slowly making its way along, not bothered by the rest of the world.

and then again, I could be over thinking! I have a tendancy to see stories in abstract images. :)
Sandy in the UK

Judy Ferguson said...

I have no idea which orientation you should use, but I did enjoy reading your blog. lol

Terry Grant said...

Nice piece! I think it works remarkably well either way. I think I have a slight preference for the horizontal orientation, but I might prefer the vertical tomorrow.

Martha said...

What a delightful dilemma to have! I actually have a piece with two sleeves for orienatation choice. It usually hangs horizontally, and won a blue ribbon in an art show this way, but it is also successful vertically if display space is limiting. To avoid lots of unnecessary handwork, I would decide my preference and stitch the one sleeve. I vote horizontal.
Martha Ginn

Deb said...

Thanks for all the terrific input..horizontal seems to be winning the day.

tiedyejudy said...

Either way, it will need a good-sized wall to hang on! Practically speaking, is it heavy? It might sag a little more in the vertical position if it is, but visually I like both orientations. Perhaps two sleeves would be nice for the lucky patron who goes home with the prize!