Tuesday, March 12, 2013

back in service

I brought Spooky Stories back home with me from NY.

I wanted  Dad to use it but made the mistake of telling him that it had been on display at a museum briefly. After that, it stayed folded and draped over the back of the chair by his bed.

It's one of my favorite "crossover" pieces. Fully utilitarian, (I even used  Silamide thread for the beading) I built it to be used, dirtied, then machine washed and dried.

I remember that it was fun to make, each foot square block composed independently. I do recall selecting all the fabrics and sequestering them in a project basket..my feeble attempt at limiting my palette.

Once the top was complete, it was layered over W&N cotton and backed with two beautiful Timeless Treasures  prints and then hand quilted with doubled 12wt. Sulky cotton.


Eli said...

Cute little blue ghost :))

arlee said...

no one else can put print and colour together the way you do

and to have it back redolent of memory adds more (im)print and colour...

Ms. said...

Hey--THIS is truly wonderful and full of wonder!

deanna7trees said...

what a treasure.