Friday, March 22, 2013


Enough! I've turned the room upside down and can't find them. I need a chirper for my cutlery. Must speak to M about that.

I've convinced myself they were getting dull and had been disappointing me. As soon as I buy a new pair (yay 50% off coupons!) they will turn up and I will grovel, apologize and love them.

Nothing wrong with two or three or four good scissors..


Anonymous said...

I generally have three four pairs per room I work in. But right now, NONE of them are sharp, a couple have burrs, a couple have no sweet spot whatsoever. The ALL belong in the junk drawer with the other 'paper cutters'. Today I could be heard saying, "MY KINGDOM for a sharp pair of scissors!!!"

Deb said...

For a Christmas present my Goodman had all scissors sharpened Except this pair which didn't need help.