Monday, April 15, 2013

sunday escape

JR and I broke out of stir yesterday and paid a visit “uptown” that is, Phipps Plaza. In your average American mall they have the latest Ford or Chevy on display- here there was a Maserati.

It was Fendi, Gucci, Versace and the rest of the gang at every turn. Everywhere seemingly intelligent people were spending money like the government. I examined a 90$ straw purse in Belk that was the identical twin of one I saw (and rejected) at Walmart for 18$. Seriously people, how the hell does any mass produced item become so highly prized that criminals will kill you in the parking deck for it? Nothing is that well made or essential and I don't care whose name is on the label.

I do have to say that, at least in this particular mall, all the sales people have apparently been trained NOT to judge the books by their covers. I go out in my usual everyday duds which, for me, means a denim work shirt, jeans and eight year old Sketchers 'cause they fit and they are comfortable.

In every shop we went into we were greeted by the staff in a friendly and respectful manner as if I very well could have walked into Arhaus or Bang & Olufsen and waved my arm and said “Have this entire room delivered to my palace by Thursday and take that old crap with you when you go”. Why not? They are operating on the assumption that it's entirely possible that, despite my retired rodeo clown appearance, I could be filthy rich and fresh in port.

The real reason we were over there was to catch “The Place Beyond the Pines” which I won't talk about much because I suspect (and highly recommend) that a lot of my readers would rather go see this than say, Evil Dead or the Croods. 
I don't want to be a spoiler. Just go see it soon.

Let's just say I found it to be about what happens when people cross paths and how some of them make lousy choices because they have limited their thinking about life's possibilities and spend too much of their headspace wrapped up in the moment of “me”. It was intense and emotionally compelling watching actors doing it all with their faces, eyes and body language - no curtain chewing or special effects needed.

The movie was filmed in and around Schenectady, New York at the upper reaches of the Hudson Valley. Homesickness washed over me repeatedly as the camera followed the two lane blacktops through green tunnels in the lush woods. I'll see it again for sure.

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Anonymous said...

my husband grew up in Schenectady and I lived there as a kid for many years (it's where we met, at the age of four) - so I suppose I shall HAVE to see this. but my interest had already been tweaked by reviews.