Saturday, October 26, 2013

historical velvet

My first splash in the dizzying world of hand dyed cloth was my Velvet Lashes...I really could have run with that one but fashions come and go. We got a good three or four seasons out of selling hand dyed cotton/rayon velvet scarves.

Making these was much like making pizza. The scarves were soaked in soda ash solution, wrung out and then, one at a time, the color kneaded in; more kneading, less color definition. Pop it into a baggie and let it rest overnight before the wash and rinse.  The hardest part was not repeating myself colorwise.  I never failed to make the cost of my table before lunch on day one anytime I brought these to a fair.

That's my first dye partner, Jan Thompson in our art fair set up at the Norcross Art Fest.  It was a perfect vendors weekend. Hot product, great weather and they put us in front of a great Italian restaurant.
I was spoiled rotten.

Jan has since moved on to glass art and you know what I've been up to.

Every year when it turns cold (as it did with a vengeance last night) I pull my two survivors out of the closet and wear them all winter long. Everyone else sits at a traffic light and fidgets with their phone (which will still get you a ticket here in GA, btw),   I braid my fringe.


tiedyejudy said...

Gorgeous, luscious, rich colors! I haven't done the solid velvet but have done some Devore silk/rayon cutout scarves. I like the notion of kneading in the colors - very inventive! Stay warm...

arlee said...

what a warm feast these are , in so many ways

Heather said...

Still gorgeous!