Monday, March 10, 2014

a start, I guess

I'm supposed to be gathering my wits and stuff for the trip to FL. So far, all I've done is pile stuff in a heap and agonize about what I don't have and won't be able to get before it's time to go. So I'm winging it before I even go.

There was a lot of procrastination activity over the weekend, resulting in freshly mopped kitchen floors and finishing this long overdue gift.
When I put it through the final wash and rinse, several of the more garish pinks and reds oozed their excess into the white areas. Blush clouds danced across the snowfields. I put my trust in a dye remover from Carbona and put the whole thing through one more wash cycle. I should have realized that any chemical process would not be able to distinguish between what colors were wanted and which ones were not. Now it has the look of something from days gone by instead of a carnival side show banner.

I also got caught back up in a writing project. In order to do the work justice, I really have to become someone else in another time and place. It's completely absorbing and I love it when I'm on a roll.

The new/old phone got a good working over too. I sure HOPE my long distance is free.


  1. Oh, my... you have more courage than I do when it comes to merging dyed fabrics with white... your treatment seems to have done a good job, and the overall appearance is lovely! I do hope you have a wonderful time at your retreat... even if you spend most of your time soaking up the sun and watching the waves on the shore, it will be a welcome relief from winter, right?


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