Friday, July 25, 2014

life's wheel

The Vigil Cloth   2013
Seth Says 2013

A friend I've never met is facing the end of her journey here.

A child I've yet to meet is getting ready to join life's party.

It's all so full that for once in my life I am without the right words and will just remain on full receive and pay close attention for the duration.


Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Beautiful... both the words and the work...

Anonymous said...

"full receive" - what a concept. blogging does not do well when we are wordless, does it? but your cloths capture so much, so maybe I contradict myself.

hang in there.
(interesting typo to a quilter: I initially typed: hand in there)

Yes, Hand in There!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

a FULLEST Moment....
the in between
i love you

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