Sunday, July 06, 2014

Of two minds

I was in a bit of a tailspin through the month of June but I've pulled up and set my feet back on the path. Consider the alternatives.

The baby showers are bearing down on me so I kicked the quilt making into high gear. The hand work - nothing fancy, just some very utilitarian stitch-in-the-ditch, felt good. A mild mind altering drug.

 It puts me in a place of no think to the point that I have to double check where I am at every corner's turn. Don't want to wander off course on this one.

This is where the real high comes from. The writing space.  After a week of not writing (or doing much of anything but taking an extended  wallow in sorrow and self- pity)  I was asked to write a deposition for a custody case.

I was given the facts, the groundwork for the piece, and from there I swung for the fences and it looks like my words may have made the difference for the clients.

While I was writing it, I found myself in a place of strength and competence that I  had forgotten about and it felt good. Felt like high test juice. Felt like something I need to do every day like any good junkie.


  1. One of the best pieces written in that nest then

  2. The written word is a very powerful tool... glad you could use it for good!

  3. Congrats - it sounds like you are in a good groove!

  4. I love the no-think no-thing ness of hand quilting a regular pattern. It is soothing for the spirit to just put that needle in and out. and the result's texture is so worth it.

    However, there is nothing like really creating something new and worth while to really feel healed. I am very interested in your writing adventures.

    wholeness hug


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