Saturday, October 18, 2014

Gardens come in

I got quite carried away with the houseplant rescue thing this year. I buy the "nearly dead" at the local nurseries for pennies, bring them home and give them a dose of TLC and a sunny place to rest.

Now I have more healthy patients than I know what to do with. Two pots of lavender that need wheels, several tropical plants of unknown species that are now over four feet tall.  This little Swedish Ivy was a gift from my sister Kitty. It's a descendant of a plant at Bill W's place in Katonah.

It's getting nippy at night so I'll have to move some furniture around to  accommodate everyone.

And you can be sure that no matter how carefully I inspect everything, there will be at least one lizard or tree frog coming along for the ride. Never fails.

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  1. Sounds like my place. I discovered last year I could pot my geraniums and bring them in, so I have a house full of them along with my spider plants and pothos, descendants of some I brought here 11+ years ago. We have a non-working jacuzzi tub next to a large window... perfect place to winter plants that like lots of sunshine!


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