Monday, January 05, 2015

Lost Weekend Redux

Dispiriting is putting it mildly.

I don't even care enough to feel bad about it. Since midday Thursday I am simply taking up space and resources. It was only three weeks ago that I suffered a whole week of being sick. I can't tell cold from flu. It hardly matters once it's on you. If  boogers were gold I'd be rich, rich, rich.

Amazon Prime has disgorged a heap of new books that I can't open my eyes wide enough to read and this is as much as I can manage with my new wireless keyboard,  the old one dispatched by a strategically placed cat hurk.

When I finally figured out that  the new season of Downton Abby would not be airing last night (or did it?) I went back to the bed. 

I knew I couldn't read or type so the only thing I had with me was a yellow legal pad and a pencil. How much harm could I do? I wanted to think about my other novel, the one I started first. Think in organizational terms. It's no wonder the name on my Christmas stocking read “Fool”.

There was one line on the pad this morning – don't forget your purpose –   followed by a rather ominous void. I don't know if  I was writing about writing or life. I still don't and I still don't have any answers. 

But this morning I am able to take a whole breath, stand up long enough to put away some clean dishes and type this up. I'm alive and there's a mission out there somewhere. 

the sun beckoned me into the studio but the view was depressing.
studio in post holiday chaos


  1. Children harbor a great number of germs.
    You are tired and emotional--a good target for germs.

    When I worked at the library--touching kid's sticky books, I washed my hands every 30 minutes--singing happy birthday all the way through while soaped up.

    No flu. No colds. Best wishes.

  2. Since Charlie doesn't venture out yet, I'm more inclined to think it was on some retail safari. Plus, number one son was sick on the day before New Years. Patient Zero. I was running around wiping doorknobs and forgot about the shared steering wheel :(

  3. Be well... lots of rest, lots of (non-alcoholic!) fluids, chicken broth. We are at an age when it's very important to take extra special care of ourselves. Back in my crazy youth, I used to try and ignore being sick, but that is a slippery slope any more.

  4. sick. ick. makes winter unbearable. i am very keen to snifflers at the checkout. i catch more stuff that way. they touch everything you take home.


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