Monday, March 23, 2015

the next step

Me? Coming out of hibernation like most of the country. My UFO's are different these days – books that I'm reading rather than unfinished stitching projects. At the moment I'm going through a list that ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous, but if the author doesn't have me after a full chapter, maybe two, it goes into the “sell it back” pile.

I've been thinking about putting the cloth and thread behind me and clearing out the studio. Boxing up all the raw materials and tools. Out of sight, out of mind. Not to mention all the finished pieces. 

But then what? My studio was my favorite place in the house where everything in it was set up for my comfort and purpose by my husband. I don't need a spare bedroom anymore. Soon, I won't need the day job office. 

It was shitty out yesterday and I forced myself to follow through with what's become a ritual – meeting one of my friends at IKEA in the city. I can take or leave the food, but they don't throw you out after taking up a table for nearly three hours. We hash over family, life and current events and then we tour the store with our wishlists. As much as I like good design, a lot of IKEA's offerings leaves me cold. 

My friend makes jewelry. Beautiful, fashionable stuff, not junky trendy crap. She reminded me that she stopped doing it completely for about two years. She was just out of gas, experiencing a loss of passion for the craft due in part to a frustration with marketing – every artists waterloo. Just recently, she got her stuff out of storage and picked it up again and she is back to enjoying the pure pleasure of just making with fresh eyes and attitude. Pondering the lesson.


  1. There are times in our lives when creative pursuits take a back seat to life... but I have found that the need is always there, lurking just out of sight when I get caught up in the daily hassle. More recently (past few years) I find that I am prioritizing my creative time over mundane things like housework, even gardening. The recent studio expansion is so I will be even more comfortable in my creative pursuits, but I also have a healthy craft business which requires more product, so there is an incentive to continue. If I ever get tired of packing up the truck, setting up, breaking down, and spending long hours schmoozing with potential buyers, it will be time to box everything up and call the local thrift shop for a pick up. Hopefully not for awhile yet, 'cause that will be a sign that my demise is near...

  2. i understand this more than you know

  3. Anonymous2:51 PM

    I remember Jude saying that creating is more about eliminating what isn't necessary than adding in what looks right/good... this feels like a fertile juncture, whatever else you might be telling yourself.


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