Tuesday, May 05, 2015

poppies, round 2

I was pretty unhappy with the results of yesterday's foray in red. True truth - it's my least favorite color except for Prochem's Pagoda and Sunrise red which I think comes from Dharma. Each one is about two degrees east and west of dead neutral. 

I'm reworking everything with gradations of the two reds using

a technique I learned from the DyeMaster herself, Elizabeth Barton - as near as I can recall it anyway. I usually let my fabric soak over night in the soda ash soup. This time I put the dye stock in plain water, measured into intensity gradations. stuffed the dry cloth right into the dye bath, and let is sit five or so minutes, diddling it from time to time for better distribution of color. Let it rest a bit. THEN whack all the pots with a shot of soda ash solution, diddle a little more and then stack the pans up. 
I'll cover this with a piece of plastic and will not mess with them until maybe tomorrow afternoon when I get home from Charlie's. 

The annual lesson on NOT trying to make my own green blend was early this year. The one I came up with looked like green lollipops, Quite yucky. Tossed.

This is a piece of warm tan linen in a robin's egg blue dye..the best way to come at green in my opinion.

We'll see what happens..

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  1. It's difficult not to envy your porch studio and all the wonderful color play. Very nice.


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