Monday, November 09, 2015


The Kantha stitching was gone with a flick of the pick and left a few rows of shadows that will fail as I handle this piece.   As I suspected, the solution is my old favorite, the French Knot. They do the construction work and yet remain unobtrusive, only gaining design strength if I group them or make them fall in lines. These are done with four strands of 12wt Sulky cotton. There will be lots more.

I'm kind of in vigil mode today.  Voodoo is feeling every bit of his seventeen years on the planet and is needing a lot of attention. He spent the night with me last night, mostly cause he couldn't get up and relocate.


arlee said...

oh blessings to Voodoo, please Universe......

Tiny dots of knot, more less is better

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i beyond Love the form on the left

and VooDoo....
same here but with old Chinche. For a long time her left hind leg has
been contracting, hence 3 legged dog, but now it it her entire hind
end. This morning her front legs only, she pulled herself from the
bedroom to her sleeping blanket behind the wood stove. I carry her
outside and in. Steps are out. she does not whine or cry out even
when she collapses flat. She eats like a pig though her dinner now
is served in bed.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Will keep Voodoo and you in my thoughts & prayers... always hard when they start to go down hill. Love the knots, although I liked the stitches too. You are a marvel with needle and thread and beautifully dyed scraps!


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Play it again Sam.