Tuesday, January 05, 2016


I came into the studio this morning to fill a fabric order.

No music, no TV. Just the sound of the cold wind through the hollies under the big window, the sun blazing through.

With an empty mind, my hand kept finding the most amazing bits, shreds and pieces.

Grace reminded me how the smallest bits of cloth have a magic and integrity all of their own. As if to say, "I'm the one and only piece in all  existence just like this. What will you make of me?'

I've been busy working on a short story since Christmas and finding that fiddling with words can be every bit as compulsive as working with cloth. You move a piece from here to there and there is a whole different tale. The unintended consequences never end. Stopping and taking a stand can be difficult. Pleasing the masses? Impossible.

Pleasing myself? Who better.

Other thoughts today are with Grace and little old Cinche,  now winding down her journey on this plane.


  1. A wonderful meditation ... and yes, thoughts very much with Grace, respecting her request to be wordless.

    So here, what I saw in her latest piece with your bit of cloth ... I keep thinking "on a boat with billowed sail."

    May each in their own way travel well.

  2. all this, Deb. the Truest of the True...those bits comfort me
    now, this morning while the waiting continues.
    Thank you for the pic of her here...to know she "traveled" to your
    Heart...to find her here at your "house"....
    I love you
    and the story is Beyond WONDER FULL. I KNOW it will be
    seen this way by All. It is Magnificant.

  3. (((((Cinche)))))

  4. Holding tribute for each other, for all beings as we live and struggle and celebrate and pass on. May This circle hold us well. Hugs and thoughts for Grace and Chinche tonight.


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