Sunday, September 10, 2017

pre-storm still

It's too early in the day for selfies, but it's so beautiful outside. Chilly enough for the Magic Invisibility cloak. It is heavy with layering so I save it for sweater weather. It needs some work.

Yesterday, nature was holding her breath. Today the pulse has quickened. My wind chimes are tuning up.

The sky is clear, but the trees are anxious. Milling around gently now, opening their arms and faces to the warmth of the sun like they know they aren't going to see it for a while. For some of them, maybe never again. I wonder how much they know.

At some point in the day, I have to clear off the dye deck. stow stuff, invert small containers.
I also want to get some pieces out with dye so they can be rinsed by whatever remnant of the hurricane makes it way here.


  1. Fare you well ...

  2. Grace mentioned a Sump Pump. Fingers crossed you don't need it but if you do--that it works!!!

    Take care.

  3. oh....Dear You...just Dear You...

  4. we are in the N. west corner of your state, praying it dies down before it get here

  5. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Thoughts for you & yours.

  6. Hoping to the Gawdz that you are safe and *stay* safe

  7. stay safe, be safe - holding a picture thought of gentle rains working to gently rinse dyed pieces.


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