Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday doings

There was a late-night chemical miscalculation and the hair went from Brass Monkey Blond to Mouse's Ass Brown. I worked until after midnight but was awakened before daybreak by drunken Mariachi Karaoke from the crack farm one block over.
Still in mourning for Cassini, I decided honest work would be good, so I went back into Revision Hell with the current WIP. After a couple of aimless hours, I've concluded that it is a steaming pile of shit! Many tasty little turds, nonetheless, shit.
Since I have to be back on the day-job clock at four, combinations of excess alcohol, illegal drugs, or reckless sex with trolls are off the self-pity menu. The solution? Jumped in the Flash and motored to Publix for Red Velvet Cake and Coffee ice cream. I'll drape the mirrors in black, take a nap, and start fresh tomorrow.

Around all that mess, these:


  1. if all that is what it takes to get these threads...
    don't quit...keep on keeping on....

  2. such beautiful photographs of your wild magic colour

  3. Well "Mariachi Karaoke from the crack farm" sure sets a tone, I'm almost jealous having only sirens and back yup beepers from the police precinct across the street. But oh, we do manage to work around all the kerfuffles (my new favorite word)...because we are authentic, opinionated and open minded enough to see reality for the carnival show it so often is.

  4. I, too, am sad about Cassini. Flying too close to the sun. Or Saturn.
    Those threads.......awesome.
    I mean it's thread porn.
    Red Velvet Cake and Coffee Ice Cream. Your birthday?

  5. No birthday. Just a little desperation medication. One slice,two scoops. I'm good for weeks.

  6. Looking at these threads helps dispel depression.
    I suppose I’ll always be mourning Cassini.


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