Thursday, March 22, 2018

FaceBook - meh

All this bullshit about how FB has been using harvested data and manipulating minds. How is that a shock? When was anything ever really free, even if you ignore the ads? 

I've known this since the early 90s the first time I logged into an AOL chatroom under the name DuchessaNY.  They sent a floppy disk in the mail addressed to "resident". I wondered what the catch was and figured it out right quick, child of Madison Avenue that I am.
The best thing about FB? Connecting with faraway family and friends, some never met in real life. And Throwback Thursdays which seems itself to be slipping into the past.

Here, I will continue to reach out, connect and, once in a while, look back.


Liz A said...

Hear, hear ... and Facebook isn’t alone. My blog stats blew up in 2016 with thousands of hits from Russia. They were trolling everywhere!

That said, I too value the opportunities to connect with family and friends, old and new. So thanks for posting this ... I love the pictures!

Ms. said...

I am a prisoner of the world wide web, the wounded world, my history and genetic code, time.

Your Throwback is touching.

Nancy said...

Love, love, love these old throwback pics!

Anonymous said...

oh the boys!

jude said...

the nature of the beast. we wade through it. sweet pics.

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