Thursday, March 22, 2018

FaceBook - meh

All this bullshit about how FB has been using harvested data and manipulating minds. How is that a shock? When was anything ever really free, even if you ignore the ads? 

I've known this since the early 90s the first time I logged into an AOL chatroom under the name DuchessaNY.  They sent a floppy disk in the mail addressed to "resident". I wondered what the catch was and figured it out right quick, child of Madison Avenue that I am.
The best thing about FB? Connecting with faraway family and friends, some never met in real life. And Throwback Thursdays which seems itself to be slipping into the past.

Here, I will continue to reach out, connect and, once in a while, look back.


  1. Hear, hear ... and Facebook isn’t alone. My blog stats blew up in 2016 with thousands of hits from Russia. They were trolling everywhere!

    That said, I too value the opportunities to connect with family and friends, old and new. So thanks for posting this ... I love the pictures!

  2. I am a prisoner of the world wide web, the wounded world, my history and genetic code, time.

    Your Throwback is touching.

  3. Love, love, love these old throwback pics!

  4. Anonymous10:07 PM

    oh the boys!

  5. the nature of the beast. we wade through it. sweet pics.


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