Thursday, March 15, 2018

my cloth addiction is now yours!

You knew it was coming. Just like Spring, a sale! Between now and March 30 all Fat Baggies will be $23.50 including postage to the US. As (sadly) ever, if you are outside of the US, email me and I'll let you know what the $$postage would be.

(I'll be off to FOF2018 the first week in April, so 3/30 will be my last shipping day for a while.)

 Presently picking from this DEEP and WIDE collection.  Snips of silk, swaths of lawn, pinches of flannel. Damask, linen, broadcloth, sheeting,  dismembered shirts, dresses, slacks - Stuff from back in time! All graduates of the Lawrenceville Frankenstein Academy of Color Transformation.

There are so many different pieces in this batch there will be ZERO duplicates in each bundle. I'm stuffing 6x9 bulletproof plastic bags as full as I can and still seal them.

This way to the shop!

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