Sunday, April 15, 2018

a little more Florida

Nothing visual going on here in the studio. I wanted to get pictures of the new dirty threads up, but the weather went to grizzly shit before dawn this morning. First I had to turn the AC on just to get Saturday's heat and humidity out of the house. When the storm front came through, I had to turn on the heat.

When did I become such a hothouse flower?

This is the same sink that graces my banner up top. I didn't get any actual cloth dyed this time. The threads came out fine but these canvas grocery bags didn't hang on to this much dye once they came out of the washing machine. They have a Monet reject feel to them. All fails will get a second chance once it warms up around here.

I did get to the beach for a few hours, but the water was cold, the wind steady and a few people were hollering "shark! I got wet to the ankles, thanked Yemaya for the blessing, and spent the rest of the time on the sand reading and watching the surf.

I got a lot of writing done - my main reason for going.

"Baghdad Bazaar" has been pressed into service as a beach blanket. Art must serve. That is my concrete yoga bench. There should be a sign - "Lay down for ten minutes & need help getting up"
Baghdad Bazaar, 43x55, born here at ACA,  2007 


  1. I laughed all the way through this post ... and love your hair!!!

  2. Thanks. It was more purple the day before. No matter what it says on the box, my hair just won't hang on to fanciful colors. Nothing sticks.

  3. wild thing, have only ever had my my mop of hair streaked once, it did absolutely nothing and cost a bomb, I chop off 6inches of split ends every year or two with the dressmaking shears when my girlfriends hassle me into looking more presentable...

  4. COLOR bonanza and you look Fabulous! Your 'fails' are someones psychadelic dream come true!


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