Thursday, April 05, 2018

ACA days

The view from my desk in a cozy, private room.

Leaving for the beach shortly. Hope I can find my way out of the neighborhood. When I arrived, all the local streets were torn up by a massive, ongoing utility project. Bulldozer and diggers like angry dinosaurs on every lane.

I made a lot of Dirty Thread.  I wish I had prepped (measured and wound) more, cause this is the fun part.

With every dye session, comes a giant ground cloth. This one has some potential. I only had the wet studio to myself for one day so further development will have to wait until I get home. there will be soy resist, over-dyeing and be discharging for a map quilt.


  1. Yea! I just used up a greens-yellows-with-spots-of-red batch ... eagerly awaiting your shop notice!!

  2. You hit the ground running, didn't you!!!!
    Awesome ground cloth--really awesome!!!!!!!

  3. am so glad you are there and a MAP cloth....

  4. lovely threads! I would love to purchase some but not sure how?


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