Wednesday, June 20, 2018

going dark

The level of inhumanity on FB has reached a level of toxicity that I can't take. The problem is that it's really not about FB at all. It's the news from the so-called leadership of this country.

 I can't even call it my country anymore because I don't recognize it.  There is work to do and none of it happens on social media. You can leave word here, email or call me.

Please feel free to copy this graphic and use it any way you want.


  1. I am getting to the same point on FB...I do like the fact I keep in touch with friends and family and there's lots of good items on FB...but being so mean, down right nasty to folks who may not agree with them is just nonsense. Some posts are just plain stupid in their thinking and discussion. If you don't honestly know the subject, keep your mouth shut and post pic of your dog being chased by your squirrel! least we can still see you on your blog!

  2. How I sympathize sister. However, all the protests have had an effect and today the terrible President back tracked and signed an executive order to stop the separations...more to be done but we go on..."TODAY IS WORLD REFUGE DAY
    Coincidentally, after weeks of torture and tears, President Trump signed this Executive order designed to keep families together while strengthening border safety. no specific details:" LOOK-

  3. I totally agree! It is shameful, poor children. I closed my facebook account 2 months ago. Could not stand it anymore

  4. the Statue of Liberty must be crying for my country of birth, we live in very strange times, I pray that love will find the way


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