Friday, August 24, 2018

Nesting updated!

Sweetie hasn't come in here in weeks. She must have heard me ripping and snipping. Also, it's 70ish and breezy out so I've opened all the windows for a badly needed change of atmosphere. AC is all well and good when it's hot and humid, but after a while, it feels like there's no oxygen in the air.

Here, I divvied up the last dyefest, and this pile is what I've kept for myself. Unless we get some old-fashioned Indian summer, this feels like the last one until 2019.

Are you feeling fall like I am, or are we all just praying for change?

SOLD OUT! special bundles to sell, each with twelve pieces from this group. Vivid and very textured (not background or base pieces, I think)

 The pieces are on the large side eight, ten, even twelve inches on a side. You cut them up if you want smaller. I can't bring myself to do it. Yet.
Cotton sateen, several weights of linen, gauze, broadcloth, juicy stuff.

These Perseid bundles include these, a handful of smaller scrapes and some thread. $35.00 includes postage inside the US. Email me if you are interested

PS. Son just told me that we are in for a return to hot weather in the upcoming week. I'll try to wring one more dyefest from 2018, so stand by.


  1. Am I allowed to be interested? You said NO last time. Let me know.

  2. Sweetie's blessing!

  3. We are experiencing cooler temps here, along with a robust monsoon season. Fall may well be on its way!


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