Thursday, August 30, 2018

New office space

My corner office at the library. Must remember to bring thick socks and a sweatshirt next time. If I had one of those mister things, I could have made snow!

Edited three scenes for me and two for a friend. Temporary insanity allowed me to order new dyes from ProChem.  Electric blue, turquoise, Sun & Golden yellows, Pagoda & Mixing Red, a serious black and some strangeness called red-purple.

Also brought home the Springsteen bio,  "Born to Run" and "Tibetan Peach Pie" by Tom Robbins.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...


Ms. said...

Very nice space and take home choices.

Joanne S said...

The library is a great place to set up shop. Being close by..... in case.

secret messages

"He watched as she stalked a wide, slow circle that took her all the way around the car. She was wearing something short and black....

Play it again Sam.