Saturday, August 11, 2018

the dog days

Don't know what's possessed me. Looking around at the websites of other artists?  The never-ending heat and humidity of a Georgia August?

No matter, the sauce awaits and color and texture will happen this weekend.

The pace is everything.

early returns
my bedroom curtains getting a jolt.


  1. Oh, I recognize the little cloth beauties. And why is it called the dog days?
    Does any one know?

    My personal dog just naps.

  2. I have a bad memory of some reading aournd when the explorers out on the ocean ran into the dog days of heat and no wind for the sails, dogs on board were thrown - or maybe jumped? - overboard??? Don't even want to research that one.

  3. It's not that. It's the Dog Star Sirius appearing to rise before the Sun and the days were usually hot.
    In 13,000 years Sirius will rise before the Sun in the middle of Winter. So the Dog Star Days of Summer will become the Dog Star Days of Winter if any people still exist on Earth.

    I am betting the Dye Deck is really HOT.

  4. Deb, I think what you described is called Horse Latitudes and involved
    the same horror except with horses. Love those new colors!

  5. The dog days of summer is not about dogs but rather Sirius, the dog star and its position in the sky. Generally its the hottest time of year.

    Love your post! It has been hot and steamy in Ohio too.


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