Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Waiting for Michael

pocket repair on the dixie mink
"The trees crouch leaves twitching. Rain so fine it won't fall."

I fell asleep in the car waiting for the coffee place to open. I was so cozy. I wished that I had some stitching. Will have to make a car kit for if and when the mood strikes. Mending will be enough.

After coffee and writing down the bones of a new short story, I found a new, used bookstore that also sells used Lego by the ounce!

Meanwhile, Charlie weathered the early storm and a pre-K Wednesday. I own him another dollar and thank him for another morning out of the house.


  1. Currently re-re-reading Natalie Goldberg ... writing down the bones

  2. Liz - I remember reading it when it was first available. The funny part was that none of it was news to me. No shocking revelations. Still, good to get agreements.

  3. it's Thursday morning. Are you there?

  4. I'm thinking you've lost power Deb.

  5. I love your mended pocket!


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