Wednesday, November 28, 2018

the box fort


I think his Dad just blew Christmas out of the water with this one. When I got there this morning at 6:30, he was inside working on the walls with crayon. Happily, he did not sleep there.


  1. A box fort is another type of home for imagining. Happy boy!!

  2. We used to do chair tents... not as "permanent" as a box fort, but it was fun anyway. Looks like he's in his element.. a little builder!

  3. OMG--my little guy at that age would have LOVED to own a box fort. At 47, I think his apartment is his "box fort".

  4. SO MUCH YES!!! love he is into interior design...wish there could be a way to keep this forever...oh, I just love this

  5. Grace - the cardboard is three-ply. Super strong. Built to hold car parts safe in transport. The top comes off and the rest folds flat.

  6. perfect for a young child -- who cares what came in the box?!


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