Friday, January 04, 2019

mending or dismemberment

I put on the magic invisibility cloak this morning.

Several of the vintage damasks patches are evaporating. No other way to describe it.

I don't know if I'll be correcting this shabby chic-ness. I never wear it out of the house. It draws too much attention and I have no explanation for the time this took. Like maybe I was in prison, or the nuthouse or something??


  1. Like you said in 2013--parts of this were just filler.
    So cut away the parts that were NOT FILLER and make a new cloak.
    And follow Graces' 2013 advice and line it. Will last longer.

    Better mojo when it's all as it should be.
    Remember my robe and all I tried to do to save it. It's found new life on the dye deck.

  2. such a fabulous coat!

  3. the "mending" i'm doing on that pillow cover which was down to
    frayed threads in a few spots...
    just back and forth back stitching, single thread, ie one of 6
    of your Dirty threads....a kind of very fine darning. Random and not
    in any design, but i really really like it and it's working.
    oh and i put a piece of thin linen on the underside.


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