Monday, May 27, 2019

Everyone is off...

...but me. I'll be taking tales of woe starting at 3:30. Hopefully, very few of them.
It's been a busy, productive weekend. There was production,  cooking, cleaning, some stitching, and writing. By nightfall, I'm hoping the pool will be filling - our latest start ever, but that's life.

What's disturbing is that there seem to be almost no signs of life out there in the murk. Normally, we are up to our asses in tadpoles. I heard the frogs this year, but what were they doing?
Colin will confirm one way or another shortly.

There were none. Zero. No polliwogs to relocate as we have been doing year in and year out.

There are new sets of Dirty Thread and the Fat Baggy Scrap basket has been restocked with some wild stuff.


  1. Right? They were out there, screeching, all of which usually followed by egg masses and thousands of tadpoles. In years past we carried five-gallon pails in the car to a stream where the casual observer might think we were dumping oil the water was so thick with the little black wrigglers.

    Things to consider: we are almost ten days behind schedule dumping the old water and nature waits for no one. The water level was a foot and a half below the edge due to an infrastructure leak (which has to be found and repaired before the next fill) - they may not have liked that. We had a couple of late freezes which may have disrupted their reproduction schedule. Only time will tell.


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