Saturday, July 06, 2019

Do overs

 While I wait for the sun to come to the stitching chair, a few volunteers take a dip for stronger, overall color.

No clue if this will work.


  1. love your rainbowed railing!

  2. this makes so much sense ... looking forward to seeing what emerges ...

  3. Those that got the YELLOW are fabulous. The others were so murky that, for the first time ever, I threw them away.

  4. i always enjoy no clue.
    and murky is ok...

  5. Oh, Deb= those of us who enjoy murky would have used them up.
    Right now I am stitching everything with black thread.

  6. Not only were they murky, but they were also...corrupted somehow. No sheen and looked as if they might fray. Damaged goods for sure.

  7. Ah-- belonging to the trash... Damaged goods.


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