Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Dye day looms

I'm planning a big dye day tomorrow, pacing myself. Lots of thread and cloth are already prepped and waiting.  These are new colors. I will be using some of the old as well and blends, of course. I rarely use colors "straight out of the can".

I will be dyeing about a dozen skeins of that cotton/silk twist.

There will be black and white, like bakery thread, a range of pinks and greens (missing from my personal stash).

Are there colors/blends you've been wanting to see?  Leave your suggestions in the comments.


  1. This is going to sound like a throwback to a certain period of chintz and all that, but it's really not... looking for pink to hot pink; lemon yellows; chartreuse. Please don't laugh!

  2. No color was ever mocked at the Lawrenceville Frankenstein Dyeworx.
    Well, I've sneered at puce. Can't promise results, but I never stop trying.


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