Sunday, June 07, 2020

the cloth

I invited three large damask tablecloths to the party. Two became primary and secondary table moppers, work surfaces that picked up the scatter from the thread dyeing process.

I almost forgot to fix both of them with soda ash.
I'm debating how to cut them up. Add them to the available scraps.

I'm going to start with fairly larges pieces, say 24" square, give or take. I'll iron them too. See the shine.
Here's a close-up of this one. The black didn't hold as well as I'd hoped.

Pieces of everything will be in the shop soon.

There is a lot of thread coming up soon.


Liz A said...

James Taylor's song Yellow and Rose has been in my head for a while now ... your words triggering these ...

"Oh, seeds of the universe ever endeavor to grow
Tiny pieces of everything into the water they go"

How they will shine ...

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

black. so hard to keep