Monday, August 31, 2020

the blues came on strong

Sunday morning started out with two tired old crones bemoaning what looked like a shitty weather day while waiting for the coffee to come down.  

Then, the sun broke through the gloom and an impromptu dyefest took off. I wasn't ready. Stuff was scattered all over. Colors chosen with squinted eyes from a low inventory. It got hotter and brighter by the minute. By the time I hit the deck, it was 94 and my hat for shade was a joke.

Still, I didn't hurry. I did have to stop and come inside for a cool down and waited for the sun to go over the trees before finishing. Clean up? Not likely.  

It's going to be days before any of this dries out.

I've been missing blue.


Ms. said...

When she wears that hat in the serious heat, it might be kept wet and therefore serve to cool. That jacket must be a mistress piece. Looking forward to seeing one (or both) tired old crones wearing it. The blues are my favorite...

Nancy said...

Gorgeous blues and like seeing the wound threads, taking color as they do xo


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