Fat Baggies are back! Churned on 11.1.20

The Scrap basket is replenished!!

Damasks, linens, lawn, broadcloth, sheeting, shirting, and mystery cloth. All I know for sure is, that if it took the dye, it was a natural fiber. 

It's been a while so I'll explain. These are the leftovers from my cloth dyeing experiments. My own stash is full to overflowing. I take a 6"x9" plastic mailer and stuff it pretty fat.  

Each bundle is 28.50 including postage inside the US only, still.  😔 Email me and I'll send a Paypal invoice.

If you want to combine a set of six Dirty Threads and a Scrap bundle it's 55.00. 

(A note to my friends who may be plagued by allergies. Although I do my best to keep them out, the New Cat Crew may have included a hair or two with the goods. I'm not so afflicted, but if I were, I'd dump the cloth right in the sink. Everything is washable. Then you can have the delight of examining each piece. Maybe even ironing them, you Crazy Textilian!)

   Freshly churned 11.1.20


Charade said...

I LOVE ironing your scraps... such a good chance to see the details!

Deb Lacativa said...

Certain types of damask become iridescent! It's magic.

peggy said...

i just received my fat baggy and dirty threads! what fun to it was to go through all the pieces of cloth and rewind my dirty threads! thank you sooo much for the bonus dirty thread and for all of it! i look forward to stitching with all this magic...

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