Fat Baggies

NEW - Added three random "churn" shots of the current inventory. Churn is what I do when I'm making up a baggy. Reach deep into the basket and pull up a handful. Check to make sure there aren't several of the same cloth stuck together, then cram it all in a plastic shipping bag. 

I specialize in rescuing and re-purposing cloth with dyes and other surface design techniques. My preference is for cotton including tablecloths, sheets, clothing, sackcloth - whatever I come across that can come back to life with a little color and attention. note - the inventory is a little low on damasks right now. Looking for some new sources.

I make cloth to use in my own work but make more than I can ever use, so I started this store for the leftovers. I pack a 6x9 flexible bag to bursting.

Got questions?    deborah@lacativa.com

Each Fat Baggie is 25.00$ which includes postage inside the US.   (email me for elsewhere. international postage is just heinous and would have to be tacked on.)

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