100% Viscose. I had to look it up too. It has a soft, drapey hand. Think flannel with no hair. Made in India. Bone white until I got my hands on them. A generous 31x72, more shawl than a mere scarf. 

I've been wearing mine whenever there's a chill. Worn it to bed. The cats have nested in it. Slammed it in the car door. Washed it in the sink by hand with my favorite smelly soap, then left it over the shower rod to dry. The label says 'dry clean'. I say, 'feh'. I have no idea what might become of the colors if you do dry clean it. I have left those labels attached and won't call the mattress cops when you remove them.

As always, I will take emails in the order they are received. 

$85.00 includes priority mail shipping inside the US (only😞)

Email if you have any questions or just want an invoice before someone else takes your favorite. 


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