Dirty Threads (SOLD OUT) & Hot Scraps 2.19.24

A Fat Baggie of scraps is 35$ and a set of four, 12-yard skeins of Dirty Thread is 25$.   Postage is included.

As always, first come, first served. I will be adding more sets in days to come. 
There's been some over-dying!

email me if you have any questions or to place an order. 

Payment options: 
Paypal (deborah@lacativa.com)
Venmo  (   @Deborah-Lacativa  )
 Money Order or Check.

Apologies to those beyond the US. Due to postage expenses and customs shenanigans, I cannot do international shipping.

The Hot Scraps:
    Those bags and baskets full of cloth with the invisible tags that say "Someday"? Well, someday is here!
I just took these pictures. Vintage and contemporary cotton, damasks, lawn, and shirting, all hand-dyed with Procion MX dyes. It's time this cloth got out of the cupboard and into someone's art!  

Please note: There's always a bit of dust, thread, and yes, the random cat hair possible, so I still recommend dumping the scraps into a warm bath with a bit of Dawn or whatever. Rinse well and then lay them out to dry on a towel like we used to do with our fancy sweaters. Then, if you're feeling industrious, iron some of them, especially the pieces of damask. Ironing reveals an almost magical iridescence. 

An eclectic, exciting mix. Pieces are cut and or ripped in average hand and half-hand sizes.


Dirty Threads are ALL GONE. See you in Summer.