6/13 Dirty Threads & Fat Baggies of Scraps

It's inventory shakeup day! 
There are some heathery new additions.
(NotešŸŒ If some of these look a little fatter than others, it's because they are.  Due to a new, more ergonomic production twist, the latest skeins will measure a few feet more than before.)

Each skein is 10+ yards of DMC six-strand cotton hand-dyed with Procion MX dyes. 

A set of six is $30 including postage inside the US.  

I'm sorry that the US Customs system is still so very screwed up that I can't accept any international orders yet.

 Email me with your choices. As ever, first come first served. 

If you are into bargains, a single set of six threads and a fat baggy of scraps together are $55.00 including postage inside the US.

Scraps only? Scroll to the bottom.

I'll take your money!      
Venmo to @Deborah-Lacativa      or PayPal  to    deborah@lacativa.com

When an image disappears, I've just come from the post office and your order is on the way!

Sold J (cw)

The Fat Baggie of Scraps. $30  inside the US includes first-class postage. I dip into the basket and stuff a 6x9 plastic shipping envelope full. If you are getting one set of threads, they'll be in the same bundle. 

email me if you only want scraps     deborah*at*lacativa.com   

When you get them, try this. Dump your scraps into a big salad bowl with some warm water and mild soap. Give them a light toss, like you were washing pantyhose or expensive lingerie (y'all remember that stuff, right?) Rinse and then spread them out, fingered flat on a dark  towel to dry (in case of Pink Drift - damn Fuschia!) Some of my customers go so far as to iron each piece.  Crazy!   

Please....use it all in good health.

I just reach into the basket and give it a good churn.

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Vicki Fitzgibbon said...

Oh I do wish you could post to Australia! Wouldn't it be nice!