Dirty Threads & Hot Scraps Shop update 3.22.23

There are four bundles left.

That's it. The 2022 threads are gone. 

The scraps are still available. Not as much vintage and weird stuff as I usually have, but lots of quality cotton and linen. All of it is hand dyed with MX dyes. I churned the scrap bin four times to take these pictures but when  I'm stuffing the bundles, I close my eyes so there's no telling what's going to pop out of those packages.

There's a bit of dust, thread, and yes, the random cat hair possible so I still recommend dumping them into a warm bath with a bit of Dawn or whatever. Rinse well and then lay them out to dry on a towel like we used to do with our fancy sweaters. Then, if you're feeling really industrious, iron some of them. 

NOTE: There are a very few scraps of silk/rayon that probably won't like the iron. You'll know them immediately. Looks like I skinned a purple/pink mermaid.

This is what's left of the Summer of '22 cloth, so time for a SALE!$30.00 for the scrap bundle including postage inside the US. 



Unknown said...

I received my thread and fabric package a few days ago. It is beyond extraordinary. The little embroideries, design elements and layers of color in each piece of fabric just add so much character. The threads are so crisp in color and varied. I have yet to put my treasures away. Instead I periodically stop by my desk top and marvel over them until I decide how I will use the first pieces. I am so grateful for them. Thank you.

Cozy Knitting said...

Woo-Hoo! I got my pkg today with LOTS of scrappy pieces and threads. I am just in awe of everything. Just little pieces of beauty, and I am still petting it. Who knows where they will go, but I love them all! Thanks! FYI-your colorways are my colorways, so everything works well together. I love it when cloth plays nicely together!