Dirty Threads & Fat Baggies 9.23

Email me with your first three choices. First come, first served.

A Fat Baggy of hand-dyed scraps is 32.50

Dirty Threads are 32.50 for a set of six.

THE DEAL: a Fat Baggie of Scraps + a set of Dirty Threads, 55$.

All prices include first-class postage inside the US.

International friends, I'm still not trusting our customs people to not lose 50% of small packages - a loss few small businesses can sustain. As expensive as international shipping is, you'd think they could at least get the door-to-door done. Sadly, not at the moment.

A few churns to show what's in the scrap bags these days. My 8" Ginghers for scale.

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Vicki Fitzgibbon said...

Oh I do wish you could post to Australia! Wouldn't it be nice!