Friday, February 17, 2006


Although the fat envelope won't materialize in my mailbox until next week sometime, a little email birdy told me that "Needleturning at Sunrise" has been accepted into "Considering Quilts '06" at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida. Now all I have to do is figure out how to mount or display the little thing. It's only about 14"x11" and I have never had a piece this small on display. Somehow, sleeves and rods don't seem to be the thing. Time to ask some experts.


Deb R said...

Congrats Deb!

Maybe if you had a piece of black mat board or foam core cut a little larger and mounted it to that and framed it? Like the way Sonji does her bundles.

Terry said...

I have done small quilts two ways.

1. Stretch black canvas (or white if you prefer) on a canvas stretcher frame just slightly larger than your piece and attach the piece to the front. I sew each corner, from the back, just catching the back and into the batting.

2. I have cut nice bamboo rods (buy at garden center or Pier 1) and attached to top and bottom of the piece, so the rods show. I usually use some nice perl cotton to wrap around the rod and stitch into the quilt. This works nicely for nice simple work and gives it a bit more presence and finish. I used a square dowel, painted, instead of bamboo on one piece that needed a crisper something. I have also drilled holes in the rods and used a bead to hold the perl cotton at the top of the hole, run the thread through the hole and into the quilt.

Elle said...

Congrats! I was wondering about the same kind of thing. 4" sleeves seem so silly on smaller pieces, don't they?

Nicky said...

This is lovely. I like the way the colours seem to float on the background.