Thursday, October 28, 2021

the switch

 was flipped sometime in the night.

 Yesterday was a rare one. Chill enough for boots and long sleeves in the morning. Warm in the bright sun, a cool breeze tickled in the shade. My gardenias, marigolds and purslane still gallantly flowering. 

I drove with all ports wide and made a hot, catch-me-if-you-can loop down the parkway and back ending at the turtle park. 

It's been over a year since I walked there. One foot in front of the other, I made the very short walk around the pond with only one catch my breath stop, the movement more shaking off the cobwebs in my brain than pushing my body. 

I'd been smug about having book four in the can, or rather, jotted down on a clutch of index cards. A thing I never did before. Not quiet plotting. 

Still, it was big progress. But the walking mode showed me the finale and it was not a happy ending which means it's not the end at all and I have to dive back in. 

The temps dropped overnight and today is a pj's and soup day - cold with rain the whole day. Perfect all on its own. Cats all spread out snoring. For this moment, some stitch and some jazz.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

those guys

 I don't know about the rest of you, but I have been thoroughly enjoying the Boys of Summer! Last night I got together with a friend. had good food and fun and watched the Atlanta Braves get us to the World Series for the first time since 1999! It was a nail-biter! 

In a totally different sphere of sport, I have been internet stalking this guy, (Oh, you wouldn't? Liar!)      I somehow stumbled across a picture of him while prospecting for an actor to play the main character in my novel.

A couple of my beta readers agreed, Joel Poland, 2021 Overall World Champion waterskier (of all damned things) is THE GUY. 

Tough luck chica. He's not an actor, but an athlete performing at the peak of his sport. Oh damn well, he's fun to watch, and I love that I was able to watch the finals live while I was away, if only on my phone. Send it, JP! 

Update. Somebody wants to be a movie star.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Time for me to fly!


They always know when I'm traveling, even though it's been years. I use a whole roll of tape to get cat hair off this bag and my navy hoody. Took a shower and found cats again roosting on everything. "All haired up for you, mom." 
They will be in good hands.

If FB is good for nothing else, the Memories feature brings sweet surprises. These two pictures were taken six years apart. 

Of course, going home means going to where memories were made.  There is nothing like an old polaroid for time travel. He was teasing me about something and I had clearly taken the bait. I do remember that those overalls were so tight that sitting was an act of masochism. There were no babies yet. I drove home in my underwear not caring if I got pulled over. 

This is happening too. But I won't be shipping anything until after I get back, maybe the 24th, give or take. Flex is good.

Saturday, October 09, 2021

My season

Yes, it's even more vivid in person! I use the bare minimum of chlorine during the season and ran out of pills for the plastic Ducks in September so this is just water and some very healthy algae. 

This will be the first year that there are no trees hanging immediately over the water so the natural chemistry is a first. This is the same liner that we bought in '98 so I must be doing something right. Keeping the pool filled keeps the kevlar-based liner from drying out and keeps the frame from flexing inward. Come Spring we are due for replacing the main hoses. All we have to do now is make sure it doesn't get any significant ice. 

I have to float some wood scraps in case a bumbling critter falls in. I have watched deer browsing inside that chain link fence and have been in the water when one hopped up on the deck for a drink. 

The rabid Purslane continues to rout out any pot mates. There's a rather pitiful nasturtium struggling along on the fringes. I'm wondering if I cover this with dirt or straw will it over winter? I hope so. They are hard to find.

 The grape hyacinth finally gave me some blooms. Turns out I overfed the poor thing. Too much nitrogen? You get leaves galore but no flowers or fruit.  I'm going to add another panel or two to the arbor next year. No fertilizer for you! 


We had a lovely mid-week get-together because school was closed for some kind of break. He's a thoughtful child open to the world and other creatures. I've read that seven is the age of reason without really understanding what that referred to. I see it as awakening to the fact that one is not the center of the 'Verse and that all beings are connected. 

Tuesday, October 05, 2021

a Sale

 The whole birthday month things peeves me. One day is plenty for me. The only thing I'm doing for my birthday month is clearing the decks. Making space. Cleaning house. Changing course. Having a sale!

Click on the link up there for the details. Email me with your picks. As ever, first come first served.

Monday, October 04, 2021

days of yore?

Right now, Facebook and its mutant offspring are down. Dick-in-the-dirt down, and it's an interesting turn of event that this happened while a FB representative named ANTIGONE was defending the company against some pretty damning allegations made by a whistleblower. FB did what lined Zuck's pockets regardless of how it stoked political divisiveness and misinformation. NO SHIT!! 


I do miss Instagram. Bailey was a star yesterday.

Ah, technology. The new version of Scrivener sucked into the big laptop today with no issues. Now I'm going to force myself through the learning hoops. I limped along only half using this powerful tool for the first three books. I'll try to work smarter this time and pretend I paid to sit in a classroom and get the most out of it.

Just this morning I bought an 18-month planner because a web-based calendar tool that I've been using for years is saying goodbye so it can become another silly I-phone app. Dude, I think you may have chosen poorly. Anyway, I will clean my fountain pens tonight. I already have a bunch of stamps that I'll have to do the math to use, they are so old. I can do that with a pencil and paper too. 

the prosy stuff: I bought my first-ever set of dishes. Mom's hand-me-down Corelle was good forever, but even Corelle is not indestructible. I have three of the four coffee mugs that my sister-in-law gave us for a shower gift. Number four paid the price when Jimmy took it to work with him one day.  Joked to his buddy that they were supposed to be unbreakable and banged it on something as if it was a hammer.

The new stuff is gorgeous, huge, and heavy. I will probably wind up putting the dinner plates under my house plants. The bowls and dessert plates are perfect.

galaxies under the grub


churning the scrap basket