Monday, July 27, 2015

July Dyefest 1

The first one that's gotten the work area cleaned up and tools and supplies organized. I'm a little disappointed in the subtlety of the results, but that's just Me. Never happy unless it's Carnival Time on Acid. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

one note in a score

Opposite ends of one small (11x24) piece of damask found folded and tucked down under a couch cushion. Discovered while looking for couch money!

It will serve briefly as inspiration for the dye deck tomorrow, rain or shine, and then, some traveling.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

some crass commercialism

I'm diligently spending time each day organizing/gutting the studio. There is a construction sized bag of vintage white cloth under the big table waiting to be carried (by some Oog, not me!) down to the dye deck. Summer will be long and hot, so no hurry.

There are also  four or five 30 gallon tubs of dyed scraps waiting for far-flung new homes and capable hands so they can continue on their journey to becoming Art.  See more about them HERE.

I'm also going to be  listing a variety of (mostly) never-been-touched art supplies and equipment for little more than the cost of getting it to you. The room is only 10x11 and I'd like to be able to at least rearrange the furniture!

Monday, July 20, 2015

an admin monday

all that bill paying, schedule juggling, medical appointment stuff out of the way, I can use the good morning light and work here and think about a name.

When the sun climbs and the light turns green from the trees, I'll venture out for a few more short errands.


Saturday, July 18, 2015

return to color

This has been on the design wall a while now. I think I stuck it up there just so it wouldn't get lost in the flood. I've been studying it  and have decided I'm in love with it again. How does that happen? Poor thing doesn't even have a name yet. It deserves finishing and a name so I'm going to set aside all the fits and starts in the river basket and try to focus on this one, so close to done.

It was built on a piece of polar fleece and will need to be backed and signed. It's pretty large, 30x44 I think. I will hang it on the inside of my bedroom door so I can see it from the bed.

Friday, July 17, 2015

my cure

It's been since Saturday since I saw him last and I was astonished at how much he's changed, but, then again, it may be that he was very subdued today since he's still getting over his first "day care" cold. All he wanted was cuddling, conversation and a little Curious George. I was happy to have help. Babies have always liked Colin. It's like having a circus for backup singers.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A+ day

"Nothing happens by thinking it through."  Who said that? Some damn hero I'd like to thank, but tonight, it's me.

I got up early, slew two administrative dragons and scratched them off the list. Then spent a total of fours whole hours actually writing.

The kinds of things that you say "Yeah, I got that. This, this and that needs to get yakked about here and more of the same there in order for this whole thing to make any sense.

Just having in my head is not all that useful to the reader. This little boring bits of connective tissue are everywhere. I feel Dr. Frankenstein's pain.

Meanwhile, the dye deck has become jungle lush. Who plants sunflowers and hyacinth vines in deck pots? My jars and steel tubs wait patiently.

Monday, July 13, 2015

just going - thank grace & jude

The only blogs still worth reading are the ones where the writer is having a substantive conversation with themselves while staying aware that they have an audience of readers who care. The things shared may be mundane - art fails, garden triumphs, day to day doings - or they may be world changers, which are tougher to share, but I like to think of the sharing, all of it, is an act of affirmation; the affirmation of the commonality of human experience.

I have withdrawn from here in recent months because I felt I had nothing to contribute. My creative focus has been pared down to words on a page and the feedback I get from the e-world regarding writing in general, is that it's a fool's errand. I might just as well finish a good scene and then take it to the crapper, shred it and flush a page at a time so as to not jam up the works.  And yet, I persist.

It reminds me so much of the major frustration of being a fiber artist! All that time and energy going into something that winds up rolled and put into storage! Right now I'm looking at a pile of over a dozen large pieces
waiting to be re-rolled, wrapped and inventoried to go back into storage in a different location leaving me to ponder what has been the real work of my lifetime, undoubtedly, my people.

Meanwhile, the world still spins day to day and chores await. Here's the annual studio in chaos picture. I can promise an "after picture" because life and changes have necessitated that I return to the room on a daily basis. Change your surroundings, change your mind? We'll see.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

mending & thank you

I keep missing these!  The moonflowers have opted to bloom on the outside of the trellis this year and I've been sleeping too late to catch the blossoms open. A trend that must cease.

Saw my primary doctor yesterday and he was happy that all of the things that I have been tested for have come back negative and my overall health is good .

That's not to say nothing happened. It was all in my head, yeah, that's the ticket. Whatever "it" was has left me with damage to repair through physical therapy for a while. There will be follow-up visits with a neurologist and I have to go looking for a walking stick but no drilling my skull for the fun of it at the moment.

Deep thanks to all of you who have offered strength and encouragement all along this mystery trip. I did not buy the t-shirt, or postcards and do not plan on passing this way again.

Monday, July 06, 2015

the world spins on ....

....without me. As it will for all of us, riders or not. I am feeling a little better each day even though I have no diagnosis as yet. I'm not being treated for anything specific- all of which makes me hopeful that my body is tending itself and making the necessary adjustments.

I feel suspended in time. When I go outdoors I can't tell by the sun or rain if it's spring or fall, the weather has been in neutral since I came home from the hospital.

I've not done any satisfactory stitching without stabbing myself so here's something that goes back a few months. My contribution to Charlies musical education.

He's had to start daycare a little early and it just breaks my heart even though he's a bold character and ready to meet the world on his own terms. He will flourish.

(If utube tampers with the audio here's the link to the music that was playing )